Can I Sail Myself?
Our boat is 6 meters long (about 20 Feet) and uses an outboard-engine. Everybody who can ride a car or a bike, and has some common sense, should be able to steer it.
No license is required to sail the boat.
How many people will fit on board?
The boat easily sits 12 adults, including the captain. If you sit close together it cat seat 16 people.
There is enough room for a baby carriage or a buggy but that takes some space of the other passengers.
Sailing with just 2 people is perfectly fine too.

There are two children’s life vests on board for children up to about 7 years of age. If you take more children with you you will have to arrange more live vests yourself.
The boat is not dangerous; children don’t just fall off. If we take children our rule is to have your feet touch the floor at all times. That prevents them from hanging outboard sitting on the seat.
The captain is responsible for safe transport of his or her passengers.

Our boat is a steel sloop without any soft parts around. That’s why it is important to beware for pinged fingers.
Being the captain it’s usually wise to call out “FINGERS!” really loud at the critical moments. That should get the message heard…

Technical trouble

Plastic bags in the propeller
The canals of big cities usually contain some litter. Plastic bags being the most harming for outboard-engines.
If you hit a plastic bag or other litter in the propeller, here’s how to handle it:
• Find a safe spot!
If the motor is still running; steer to the land or another fixed place. Ask your passengers to keep the boat steady.
If you are on open water, or the engine stopped working, make somebody else responsible for preventing collisions. The peddles and hitch might come in handy…
• Put the gearbox to Neutral and STOP THE ENGINE. The engine can be stopped by firmly pressing the red button on the steering arm.
• Unlock the tilt-lock and tilt the engine out of the water. It will lock in the top position.
• You can now remove the plastic litter. If you hit a real firm bag you might need a knife, but usually you will only get your hands dirty.
• Please DON’T throw the bag back in the water. Let it leak dry on the floor of the boat and then put it with the rest of your litter.
• Put the tilt-lock back to it’s ‘low’ position and gently tilt the engine back in the water by lifting it through the ‘click’.
• Now start the engine, put it back in Forward gear and off you go again…

The engine stops
Check security systems:
• Safetycord – Is it still correctly attached to the ‘off’ knob?
• Is there a plastic bag or other litter in the propeller?
• Is the gearbox in it’s Neutral position? The engine won’t start if the gearbox is not in Neutral.
• Is the Choke OFF? If the engine is not cold you should never need the choke.
Check the petrol supply
• Is the hose firmly connected to the engine and to the fuel tank?
• Is the hose pinched somewhere?
• You might need to pump some extra fuel in using the ‘ball’ in the fuel hose.